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*All prices in USD. If interested, please send me an email at More info below.

Character Commissions Open!

  • I will draw original, fan, and canon characters.

  • I will NOT draw NSFW art (porn, gore, etc.). If you're not sure, ask!

  • Feel free to note me about character design, character sheet, or illustration commissions!


  • Payment must be made in advance through Paypal only.

  • I will accept down payments if the total cost is above $50. Details can be discussed over email. 

  • Do not send payment until I've accepted your commission request and given you a quote.

  • I reserve the right to decline a commission request or cancel at any time (partial refunds will be given based on progress made). I'm unlikely to cancel unless something disastrous happens (i.e. WWIII) and will inform the client if there are any delays.

Additional Info-

  • Expect a turnaround of a week to one month, depending on complexity.

  • I work best with a visual reference! If I have to work off of text, there will be additional fees.

  • Previews will be given at my discretion, such as to OK the sketch or to make final tweaks.

  • These are private commissions, for personal use only! The final image cannot be profited off of or commercially used.

  • I reserve the rights to the use of the image (post it to my gallery, use it in my portfolio, sell prints, etc.). Credit of original characters will be given where it's due.

Still interested? Send me an email at with the subject line "Commission". Please include the type of commission you'd like, your Paypal email address (so I can recognize your payment), any requested poses/expressions, and links to references! A description of the character's personality is not necessary but can be helpful. 

If I missed something or you have other questions, feel free to email me! 


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