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Terms of Service

By purchasing my art services, you agree to the following terms and conditions:


  • Commissions are digital only. The final product is a high-resolution image file that will be sent to the email provided.

  • I reserve the right to refuse a commission order for any reason.

  • Commissions are for personal, non-commercial use only. 

  • Listed commission prices are subject to change without notice. 

  • TOS may be updated without notice.


  • All transactions will be made via Paypal. After your order is processed and the price negotiated you will receive an invoice at the email provided. Do NOT send me payments outside of an invoice; it will be refunded.

  • You must either be of legal age or have the permission of a parent/guardian to make Paypal transactions.

  • All prices are listed in United States Dollars (USD). You accept any conversion fees Paypal may apply if you make payment outside of the listed currency

Partial Payment

  • Payment is due in full up front for any commission equal to or below $100 USD. For amounts greater than $100 USD, payment plans are available depending on the price and your circumstances. You will receive the full resolution only after final payment is made.

Additional Fees

  • The invoice is based on the time investment I estimate is needed to complete your commission. I will make reasonable revisions without charge. However, the further along in the process, the more time-consuming revisions become; major revisions that delay the expected completion time may result in additional charges.

  • Complex character designs, environments, or props may result in additional fees, to be discussed during price negotiation.

  • Commissions that require me to design the character (no existing design, has never been drawn before, no visual references) will require additional fees. I will work closely with you to get the design where you want. For the best results, be clear and concise when describing your character and find visual references to aid in the design process.

  • After the invoice is sent, you will have 10 days to make at least partial payment. Failure to do so will result in your commission order being dropped. Contact me if you need additional time to make payment.

What to Expect

  • After the order is submitted, I will review the application and negotiate additional details and the price with you.

  • An invoice will be sent to your provided email. After payment is received, I will confirm with you and give an estimate for completion. I will then begin work on the commission which goes in order of the following stages: research, sketching, lineart, flats, shading, and details.

  • Work in Progress (WIP) previews are provided at the discretion of the artist, usually at each stage of the piece. You may request a WIP if you do not receive an update within a week. When reviewing WIPs, you may request reasonable changes to the artwork without charge.

  • I will aim to be as faithful as possible to the character, and if I make mistakes try to point them out as early in the process as possible. Major revisions at late stages of the piece may require additional charges, such as changing the pose, redoing the character's outfit, or additional props.

  • The final high resolution, watermark-free file will be sent to the provided email. A smaller, watermarked version will be included for your purposes to post online.

Copyright / Usage Policy

The artist retains the rights of the produced drawing. I will never claim ownership of the client's original character(s), but I do retain the rights of the image. I will be able to:

  • Use the art to promote myself

  • Display or post the art anywhere

  • Use the art as an example for future commissions

  • Modify and/or resell rejected sketches

  • Remove the image from my gallery or delete the original file without notice

The client is allowed to:

  • Post or display the artwork for personal use only with credit given to the artist.

    • Including but not limited to: promoting self on channels, icons, signatures, layouts, wallpapers, themes, and personal site display

  • Print the art for personal use (i.e. T-shirt, key chain, calendar). You are NOT allowed to sell or redistribute products that use the art in any way

  • Gift the art, but not resell it

If you break the copyright infringement in any way, every right you had to the drawing will be retracted.

The following is considered copyright infringement:

  • Reproducing/using the copyrighted artwork commercially, or profiting off the art in any way.

  • Taking credit for the creation of the artwork

  • Removing any watermarks/signatures

  • Altering the artwork without the consent of the artist

Contact me if you're interested in my art for a commercial project.

Cancellation / Refund Policy

  • The artist reserves the right to cancel and refund the commission at any time.

  • The client may request a refund in the event no progress has been shown within 30 days.

  • Refunds will be given based on progress made on the piece. Full refunds will be made only if work has not begun on the commission.

  • After the commission is completed, refunds will not be made.

Drawing Preferences

Feel free to contact me and ask about your commission ideas before submitting an order.


  • Original, fan, and canon characters

  • Character design

  • Creatures, Pokémon, and anthros, furries, gijinkas

  • PG-13 violence and romance

  • Artistic nudity, top nudity


  • Gore, porn, fetish art, insensitive/hateful themes​

  • Complex mecha or architecture

  • Any topic or scenario I am uncomfortable depicting; please talk to me about your idea


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